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Innes Sibun


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The Band

Jon Buckett on hammond organ & piano.



Keyboard player Jon Buckett is a busy and passionate working musician who along with playing keys also plays guitar and bass.  He runs a production studio, Earthworm, in Wiltshire where he grew up.  He mixed the Innes Sibun Band live album "Can't Slow Down".  Jon brings all his experience to the Innes Sibun band and cements the songs down with groove, melodic substance and a great feel.  He has worked with XTC & Ken Pustelnik (The Groundhogs) and is in an active record production partnership with Colin Moulding.  He makes electro records with Rob Brian (Siouxsie Sioux, Simple Minds) and continues to enjoy taking time to produce recordings for the many talented local writers and musicians in his home town and the surrounding areas.



Nord Electro 3.  Roland KC-550


Likes :

Family, community, travel, a good book, science and the natural world.


Dislikes :



Kevin O'Rourke on drums.



Kevin has been playing Drums  for a long time now!




A good Drum Kit and a load of sticks!

Steve Hall on bass guitar.



I’ve been playing Bass for over thirty years; Rock, Jazz, Funk, Country-rock, and of course.... Blues. I grew up in Essex, and over the years lived in Canterbury, Brighton and Bath. I’m currently living in Melksham, Wilts. UK



Current Bass rig: TC Electronic BH500 Bass Head, with 10" and 12" Orange Isobaric 600watt cabs.

Current Bass guitars: Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 fretted, Fender Precision fretted, Fender Jazz fretless, Warwick Corvette fretless, and looking forward to road-testing a Fret-King Perception Bass soon.



Red wine, cheese and olives, Dvd Box sets, Live music, Stone carving, Lindy Hop, Enthusiasm and optimism.



Negativity and cynicism, Being unprofessional (although frequently guilty as charged!)


Innes Sibun on guitar, vocals & mandolin.



Blues guitarist Innes Sibun began playing guitar at the age of 12 after hearing B.B King. As a teenager he played in many bands playing punk, reggae, rock, folk & jazz learning from different musicians along the way.

His first band the "Blues explosion" recorded the album "Thats what the blues can do" with legendary producer Mike Vernon (Eric Clapton,Peter Green's Fleetwood mac) in the producers seat. The album gained critical acclaim & was voted best blues album in Ireland that year...

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G'Zan custom TE guitar, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Junior, Yamaha APX-3 acoustic guitar

"The Loar" mandolin, Blackstar Artisan 30W combo amp, Boss tuner pedal, Crybaby wah wah, Ibanez tube screamer.


Likes:  West Ham United, Father Ted, Africa & it's wildlife.

Dislikes: Traffic (congestion on the roads not the band), jealousy, dishonesty, beetroot.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer  Berry,

taken in Bannalec, France 2012.